The 2nd International Sea Trout Symposium will take place in Dundalk, Ireland from 20th– 22nd October 2015.

This major event will build on the success of the 1st International Symposium on the ‘Biology, Conservation & Management of Sea Trout’ held in Cardiff, Wales in 2004. Its overall objective will be

To promote the application of the latest science to the better management of sea trout stocks and their associated fisheries

It will consider developments since the previous symposium, highlight the implications of the strategic gaps in our knowledge that currently limit our ability to manage the resource effectively and review priorities for future investigation.

The Symposium is aimed at fishery scientists, managers, policy makers and other interested parties. It is planned to provide practical guidance to assist managers and regulators in the sustainable management of the sea trout resource and to ensure that they are fully integrated into any assessment of the impact of other policies, regulations and developments affecting their aquatic environment. While primarily focussed on migratory sea trout, it will include non-migratory trout and other anadromous species where relevant.


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